It’s been far too long since I’ve made a post. I guess I simply had new puppy syndrome. I am that dreaded person who throws herself enthusiastically into something new then quickly loses interest when it becomes mundane or begins to feel more like work than fun. I guess after only a few months, my shiny new toy lost its appeal to a certain extent. Of course, I have a lot of excuses to throw out there. I could talk about how my very active toddler never gives me a moment’s rest and keeps me running around until all hours of the night, refusing to sleep at a decent hour. I could also complain about the technical difficulties I’ve encountered with my one-foot-in-the-grave laptop that has been rendered almost impossible since the terrible two-year old ripped off the space bar along with various other keys. I could even say that I have been plagued with health issues, including a revolving door of colds that have kept me in less than ideal condition for cooking and writing.
But, I don’t want to be that person. Excuses are scenarios we elaborate about in order to make ourselves feel better for not living up to expectations. They are a way to dodge accountability. Excuses are soothing words we tell ourselves and others so we don’t feel guilty for being lazy or incapable. So, I’m not going to create excuses but simply own up to the fact that I just haven’t felt inspired to blog much lately. It is much easier to curl up on the sofa with the munchkin and watch Spongebob than to be bothered with being productive.
With that admitted, it’s a new year and I want to be accountable for the choices I make, for what I chose and do not chose to do. I guess you can call it a New Year’s resolution but since those rarely work, I would rather call it something else like a goal for self- improvement. I tend to believe that any changes people make should, in general, be gradual, and attempted in increments so as not to shock the system, more like mini- resolutions. For me, those mini- resolutions, like losing 5 lbs and completing a 21 day vegan kickstart, are much more manageable than say, a resolution to blog at least once a week or to exercise for 30 minutes a day. I know those are the types of resolutions at which I will never succeed. And then, I would need to create some excuses as to why I was such a loser. Yep, mini- resolutions. Then I don’t need to make all those excuses I’m trying to avoid.